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  Specialized Hosting

DPPL hosts a wide variety of services using principally Windows 2003 and Free BSD operating systems.

Hosting services feature a variety of high security, restricted-access databases and transactional servers, specialized corporate search engines and data-mining applications, internet and virtual intranet list servers, mail servers and bulletin boards, LDAP servers associated with Java servlet query applications, Real Media servers and Windows Media servers with the groundbreaking AllCasttm server plug-in. Microsoft web services offered exploit

  • SharePoint Server
  • Exchange Server
  • BizTalk Server

Data Center, New Jersey

Customizing Tellurian Network's multi-homed redundant connections to multiple backbones and peering arrangements, a client anywhere in the world can be served efficiently via the Internet, by an Internet-based intranet or by a true virtual private network.

Examples of current uses of such specialized hosting: restricted discussion groups; members-only databases; restricted phone books and authentication databases; private, peer-to-peer rich-media networks; business-issue search engines and other data-retrieval systems based on a mixture of web-based documents and legacy documents; personalized web pages and databases structured around forms and cookies and served by Unix and Microsoft SQL servers; also, business continuity and disaster recovery hosting from load-balanced, synchronized servers in multiple locations

Part of the hosting includes daily security verification and upgrades and real-time monitoring of logs, IP and password validation and verification, plus a proactive approach to client needs.

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