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Development Services

Our team have worked in almost all internet-based technologies created since 1994. We are not an agency. We are a group of US and European developers, each with over fifteen years of coding, networking and security experience.
For us, the development process begins with discussions to better understand your needs and the needs of your clients. It’s rare that specifications can be adequately defined before three or four drafts.

All specifications work is undertaken for free. If you do not work with us, you are free to use our findings.

If the specs are good the coding will be efficient.
To achieve successful solutions, we believe the planning phase is as important as the implementation phase. And that is why we spend on average 30% of project time creating and analyzing specifications. This process reveals what will work and what needs to be reimagined.

Every project is unique, and so we look at skill, cost, and time-saving efficiencies of all its phases. To achieve this, we offer fixed-priced packages that vary in cost from $75 to $175 per hour depending on duration and skillset. We want our clients to know exactly what is being delivered, at what cost and with which guaranties.

We do not outsource, all work is done in-house.

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User Interface design, development and testing

For corporate applications, portals, and application integration. With internal and external focus groups if desired.


  • Websites for individuals and small companies with Word Press, with or without original design, with search functionality and SEO
  • For mid-sized companies, easy to self-manage web sites using Ingeniux CMS, with robust multi-site Lucene search, internal marketing and SEO
  • Secure portal site for clients: client history and payment interfaces, forums and knowledge database. Lucene search with internal and external site indexing. Good for associations, accounting firms, insurance firms, financial services firms
  • SQL and no-SQL-based development
  • Hybrid cloud (private + Azure or AWS) or bare metal. Unix/Linux or Windows OS

Main industries

Insurance, finance, professional services (consulting, accounting, law), associations, high tech and ecommerce (retail and wholesale).


Native mobile apps for iOS and Android, with or without data hosting. Game development using low-latency CDNs.

Programming and scripting

  • .ASP.NET, C#, PHP, Python
  • jQuery, Node.js, Angular


  • Business Resiliency/Business Continuity tools
  • Cornerstone LMS and SCORM, Camtasia with SCORM
  • Interactive video and animations
  • Highcharts
  • Twilio
  • PayPal/Venmo, Silamoney/Plaid Bank: personal and corporate ACH
  • Microsoft Dynamics
  • SalesForce with Slackware/Mattermost
  • HubSpot
  • Microsoft 365 and Sharepoint
  • Google Analytics and WebTrends
  • Single Sign On implementations
  • Software as a Service
About us
For the past twenty-six years Digital Page Publishers, Ltd. have created and hosted web sites, portals, mobile apps and intranets. Founded in 1994 and located in the United States and Europe, we have created web-based applications that integrate marketing, transactional, and analytical tools based on your and your clients’ needs, and on nothing else.
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