Places that you can contact for help

Olympic Wildlife Rescue in McLeary has asked me to discontinue this site, however if you need help with orphaned or injured wildlife please feel free to contact any of these centers

This site has no connection to Olympic Wildlife Rescue ProjectŠ. It is meant as a public service for wildlife and rehabbers and the public.

The following are Centers throughout the United States that have graciously agreed to be listed here as places to contact for wildlife rescue information. Please keep in mind that these Centers are for wildlife only, and not for domestic pet questions. For those types of questions, please contact your local veterinary hospital.


The Ocean Impact Foundation's Marine-Wildlife Care Center
7100 Belvedere Rd W. Palm Beach, FL 33411 (407) 471-3403
Accepts birds, mammals, reptiles (no sea turtles, they go to the Juno Marine Life Center in Juno Beach)
Treasure Coast Wildlife Hospital
2800 SE Bridge Rd Hobe Sound, FL 33453
(407) 546-8281 Has 24 hr. drop-off box
Ft. Lauderdale Wildlife Care Center
3200 SW 4th Ave. Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33315 (305) 524-4302
Wildlife Rescue of Dade County
voice (305)235-5315 or faxed at (305)235-2157
We respond 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
We rescue all native wildlife. We prefer that people bring animals to us, but when necessary we do go to pick up injured animals.
We also have a FREE educational program for schools and community organization.


C.R.O.W, (Caring Rehabilitators of Wildlife)
Manassas, VA
contact Madeline--703-368-5539
all songbirds, opossum, squirrels, raptors


Terri Mander, Aridell Wildlife Rehab,
P.O. Box 122, Sprague River, OR 97639, (503)533-2388,
State and federally licensed for both mammal and avian species, including eagles, migratory birds and endangered. Our facility is not open to the public. We will do educational talks.

New Mexico

Wildlife Rescue Inc. of New Mexico
P.O. Box 13222 Albuquerque, NM 87192-3222
(505) 344-2500 24 hours a day All types of wildlife except bats, skunks and mice (genus peromyscus)
For bats, skunks and mice (any type)
Franke Bermudez Partnership In Pure Science
P.O. Box 40477 Albuquerque, NM 87196 (505) 877-2527


Robyn Graboski, PA and Federal Licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator
Centre Wildlife Care P.O. Box 572 Lemont, PA 16851 814-237-6548 Answering maching monitored often if calls cannot be answered directly Animals cared for: Mammals, Passerines, Reptiles, Bats


Wildlife In Need Center,(414) 968-5075
Hours are 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. We accept all native Wisconsin wildlife.


WILDSIDE Rehabilitation and Education Center
Eaton Rapids, Michigan (517) 663-6153 We accept orphaned, injured and sick native Michigan wildlife with the exceptions of bats, skunks and raccoons. It is preferred that people call first so we can assess the situation and make sure the animal(s) really need help.

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