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  Web Services and Internet Applications

Over the past twenty years Digital Page Publishers, Ltd. has developed or co-developed and hosted dozens of specialized applications and web services. During this time a library of code has been catalogued that allows the company to answer the needs of clients with speed and cost-effectiveness.

The principal areas of activity at DPPL include:

  • Quantiative and qualitative data mining (SQL and noSQL), using MS SQL, MySQL with Cassandra and Raven DB.
  • Business Continuity applications and hosting.
  • LAN (intranet) installation and maintenance, on-site and remote; LAN-WAN (intranet + intranet + Internet integration and maintenance)
  • Databases and transactional software, including e-commerce
  • Moderated and un-moderated list servers with databases and search engine
  • Complex query and transaction trackers
  • Audio and video webcasting for intranet and Internet
  • Educational and marketing Flash presentations with user database
  • Knowledge database with LDAP phone book
  • Cross-company database and LDAP server (normalized data from different data sets)
  • Specialized Search engines
  • Web services with virtual private networks (VPNs)
For more information about the associated languages used for each application, click here.

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